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The company behind HERALD'S TORCH is the same noted team that brought you ALMOST, its soon to come sequel, the crazy sitcom ONE CHEAP MOVE, and the upcoming horror film CLAWS. Action Motion Pictures (AMP) is an independent film & video production company based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, specializing in feature films, television and OCD content.  



Holding a bachelor’s in Radio/TV/Film (with a minor in music) from UNT, Laurence went on to establish the company Acton Video Productions, specializing in video at every level, including commercials, narratives, weddings, and event videography. Shortly after, Laurence formed the indie film production company AMP,  under which he wrote, directed, and co-produced his first feature, Almost. His second feature, a theatrical horror film, is in the works. Laurence has written and directed an abundance of short films, was the director of photography for several shorts and features, has written and recorded a pop music album, and is the author of two novels and a large number of screenplays. His hobbies include weight training, martial arts and playing trombone. 2017 will mark the premiere of his absurdist TV/Web sitcom, One Cheap Move.


Caleb graduated first in his class at the D.A.V.E. School, one of the leading special effects schools in the world, and since 2002, he has been the owner and president of Silver Media Studios, specializing in graphic design and print work for media of all kinds.  Caleb’s extensive knowledge as a 3D generalist makes him and his company a powerful filmmaking ally.  He is an expert with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, ImageReady, Quark Express, Macromedia Freehand, and Lightwave 3D.  And few people in the industry have his level of schooling or experience with motion capture, motion tracking, compositing, 2D-3D creation and animation, rotoscoping, image keying, etc.  Caleb’s talents in both special effects and advertising imagery gives AMP the competitive edge it needs in it’s productions.


Graduating with a Masters in Computer Science, Scott joined the working week as a software engineer at the National Center for Super Computing Applications at the University of Illinois. There he headed up the X/Mosaic and HTTPd projects before leaving for a 3D Modeling company named Raindrop Geomagic. He has always had an interest in the multimedia market and currently does DVD compilation, artwork, and HTML coding for AMP. In addition, he is one of the co-founders of the unique communications skills program Concept Keys. His production skills have been invaluable on several projects including two feature films.


AMP's production team is a well trained group, both general education wise, and in the specialized field of entertainment. A mix of degrees and further certified education includes Film Production, Post Production, TV, Radio, Music, Special FX, Motion Capture, Motion Tracking, Compositing, 2D-3D Creation and Animation, Rotoscoping, Image Keying, Acting, Stunts, and

Computer Programming, 


AMP Entertainment is a proud member of

Texas Association of Film & Tape Professionals,

Dallas/Fort Worth Professional Videographers

Association, Production Hub, and IMDB Pro, among others


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Hal Kessler is one of the leading attorneys in the country regarding federal and state tax incentives.

He was instrumental in working with state governors and United States congressmen in order to implement new laws and federal tax incentives for investments in qualifying film and television projects. This led to Sections 181 and 199 of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004, and its 2008 to 2016 extensions and amendments. He is a foremost authority in his field, even authoring a reference book covering federal and state tax incentives for films.

So our productions can ensure the best possible return for our investors, we chose Hal as AMP's entertainment attorney.

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